FocusFinanciar provide consultancy and management services for Financial Controlling, Financial Analyses, Financial Planning (Budget and Forecast), IFRS reporting, Cost Controlling, Cash Flow Management, Financial Statements and Finance Department Recruitment and Training, including:

  • IFRS Monthly reporting, including the results overview presented to the management team and/or shareholders
  • IFRS Forecast reporting, quarterly or periodically, including the results overview presented to the management team and/or shareholders
  • IFRS Budget reporting, yearly and for the midterm plan, including the results overview presented to the management team and/or shareholders
  • Monthly or periodically analyses and overview on the P&L, Balance Sheet, any other financial information relevant (EBIT, EBITDA, Working Capital, Cash Flow etc.) presented to the management team and/or shareholders
  • Consultancy for building the financial and general business strategy
  • Detailed Cost Analyses and feedback proposals for cutting costs and follow up resources efficiency
  • Detailed Analyses for the products or services Profitability, establishing the portfolio value and contribution margin
  • Cash Management, liquidity, cash collections
  • Detailed Reports for each business line in order to establish a proper base for business control
  • Consultancy for follow up each performance indicator together with proposals for raising the business profitability
  • Professional execution of the official financial presentations and figures regarding monthly financial statements, budget, forecast or any other related, in order to be presented to the shareholders or any other users interested
  • Consultancy regarding the activity of the finance and accounting department, including professional proposals for people, tasks, responsibilities, from the low level positions up to management positions
  • Training for the finance and accounting department in activities like Financial Controlling, International Financial Reporting, Financial Analyses
  • Consultancy regarding the implementation of new finance and accounting software, including the management of these kind of projects


Our main goal is to help companies and their management teams to establish a healthy and productive control over their business, over its profitability, to set in place rules and reports which allow you to see in real time the results of each month in order to take proper actions and decisions, to offer a professional service for outsourcing of finance functions like Controlling, Financial and Reporting.

Note: Our company's services are intended to be exclusively for business and other management consultancy  activities. Our company does not offer accounting, fiscal and/or audit services, as they are defined by the law.